It can take 2,700 liters of water (713 gallons, enough for one person to drink for 900 days) to produce the cotton needed to make a single t-shirt. Epic Ethic strives to lessen the environmental footprint made by the fashion industry and humans by rebranding shirts already in circulation but deemed unwanted, as well as supporting different charities by donating 100% of profits to causes that align with the company’s ethics and beliefs. 

Our product is a recycled and rebranded shirt. Each shirt is unique in that it once had a different story; one may have been from a band's tour, an old high school or college, a 5k or a marathon, event, club, etc. With the original history of the shirt still present, Epic Ethic’s logo brings new life, style, and use to shirts that would otherwise be wasted. Because of this, we are helping to save landfills of textile waste (estimated at 25 BILLION POUNDS yearly in the U.S. alone) as well as saving water by not producing new shirts.

All shirts shipped in recycled packaging.



Our logo was designed to incorporate the symbol for empathy, while also highlighting two abstract capital E's. The three triangles represent the three main ideals we believe in; environmental sustainability, animal rights, and human rights.

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